The Good, Bad and Ugly Ebola Update


As Bad as Ebola is, why is Nobody Reporting the Good News? Not to make light of this potentially devastating virus in view of some good news, even though the Ebola virus is only devastating three countries – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – where cases are doubling every few weeks, people infected with the deadly virus…

The Conspiracy Watch Facebook Conspiracy

CW FB Conspiracy

I would like to begin by thanking Facebook for providing a social media outlet where practically anyone and everyone can share their ideas, thoughts and feelings with the world. As Founder, CEO and Manager of Conspiracy Watch (3.4 million likes at last count), I would also like to thank Facebook for formerly allowing us to…

Unethical Sensationalist Bloggers and YouTubers Capitalize on Russian and Chinese Fears of US Military Attack


Please, don’t pay any attention to the fear mongering sensationalists posting headlines like; “OFFICIAL WARNING – U S to hit RUSSIA with FIRST STRIKE – PREPARE NOW“ These people are only wanting to scare you for website hits and YouTube views. Although there is a kernel of truth to these type of headlines, they have been…